Alison the writer

Alison Aldridge is a blogger and writer of fiction novels.  Her short romance story was published in the Scribblers Anthology to raise money for the Children’s Hospice.  She maintains a personal blog on writing and organic beauty.  She has contributed articles to third parties on gaming, fashion industry and writing. She was one of the first featured writers on Opuss for her poetry.

Alison has delivered courses to develop the English skills of her students.  As well as education, Alison has experience as a model.  She is a member of Scribblers, a local writers group and enjoys attending the annual Felixstowe Book Festival.   Alison is an active member of many online writing communities.

Alison is currently reworking Drift, a coming of age Young Adult novel about a mermaid and first love as well as other YA fiction projects.

You can find Alison’s current projects on Wattpad.


Alison the person

Hi, I’m Ally.

I strongly believes that tea can solve, almost, every problem.

I moved from East London to Felixstowe when I was only one.  I’ve lived in this small Suffolk coastal town my whole life.  Locals are likely to identify with locations in my fictional stories as I am inspired by my life experiences.

In primary school, I made the most amazing friends and those girls have stuck with me through everything.  I was fortunate enough to marry my best friend and first love.  I thought my cats were my fluffy babies and couldn’t imagine loving anyone more, until I had my son.  Words cannot begin to explain how much he means to me.

My dream is to see my name in print.  I crave feedback (good/bad) and I’m greatest critique.  I’m constantly looking for ways to develop and improve my talent. I love seeing people achieve their dreams and actively support other writers in their development too.

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About Natalie Collins

The images on this page are copyright protected.  They were taken by one of the most talented photographers I ever had the honour of working with.  We had a true connection that made working with her never feel like work.  If you wish to connect with her, please contact her on Facebook as Natalie Collins (Neo).