Felixstowe Book Festival 2017

This festival has been running for 5 years and keeps getting better and better.  It predominantly runs over two days but there are a few activities during the run up – for example the Mini March Fest.

Some events are free and some have a small cost and you will need a ticked for most (even the free ones).  Tickets are available to the public from 21 April 2017.

There are so many events I want to attend that I find it tricky to plan my days.  I created a calendar in Excel so I can see what’s on where and when to figure out how I can fit in as much as possible!

Felixstowe Book Festival Calendar

For the full programme of events:  Festival Programme

Colour Coding

  • Blue – Young People events
  • Purple – Crime Fiction events
  • Brown – Non-Fiction events
  • Orange – Fiction events
  • Pink – Poetry events
  • Green –  Fresh Voices, New Perspectives and Firm Favourites
  • Yellow – workshops

Children’s/YA events

This is the area of fiction writing I would most like to get into.  I have written YA fiction for a long time and love it.  I want to hear what agents and publishers are looking for and I want advice from successful YA authors on what they did and what they learned.

Since becoming a mother, I’ve awoken my love of picture books.  I would love to write a story for Children but have not idea how to start as the format is very different.

However, I have to be careful as some Children’s events are informative and others are just for children – like colouring in.

These events range from free to £6 for adults and £4 for children.


I think the workshops are great value for money.  They are on my doorstop and a fraction of your usual attended course – I look at them as tasters.  I  will try to make the most of them and fit as many as I can in.  Most workshops at the festival are around £7.

New Voices, Fresh Perspectives, Firm Favourites <Ticket Bundle>

You can purchase a bundle of six events for £35 (usually £66).  These are the events taking place on 2 Jul 2017 at the Orwell Hotel in the Funeaux Suite.

If you were to buy tickets individually to all the events in the bundle, it would cost £66.  This is a good saving.

Other events

I’m unlikely to attend the Poetry, Crime or Non-Fiction events as these are not areas I am passionate about.  I love that there is so much variety at the festival and I still check what they are doing to see if they can tempt me.

Felixstowe Scribblers

My local writers group always make an appearance and are strong supporters of the festival.  I will make a conscious effort to seek them out and say hi.

The Felixstowe Book Festival websitehttps://felixstowebookfestival.co.uk/


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